Nathan Moshkowski is the lead Pastor and founder of Vision Church. Nathan’s greatest dream is to see men and women encounter the Living God and walk in His plans and purposes for their lives! Nathan is an anointed preacher, teacher, and worshipper who incorporates these callings into his everyday life and ministry to the Cortland Community. Nathan grew up in the Cortland area and has a tremendous heart for it’s people. For many years, Nathan served as a supporting pastor and worship leader within Cortland and neighboring communities. He patiently nurtured the dream to plant a thriving church in the area, and now it’s a reality. Nathan is the husband of Kerri, Vision’s Worship Director, and a father to three wonderful sons. He was a pipefitter by trade and has always enjoyed working with his hands. Nathan is often in the midst of a house project, building, or carpentry and enjoys spending quality time with his family on outdoor excursions.